Plush Collection

Hello I am a old member who mainly just lurks here,

I thought since I am self isolating now its a good time to do a collection update for my pokemon plushes. :)

Please be warned there are a lot of pictures lol.

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Since its hard to show my plush collection together I am just showing it in parts because its a mess lol.
First of all these are my Pokemon Center Pikachu's. I don't specifically collect pikachus but I can't help loving them, there are just too many cute pikachu designs.

I was super happy to get the London Pikachu. I was in London during when the pokemon center london event was going on but I saw the endless crowds then just went home because since it was too crazy as people were pretty much camping to get in. I also saw people were way over pricing it online (its retail price is £20) which I don't support but my boyfriend got me him as a suprise gift for a more normal price so I was really happy. :D

Super cute tag!

I also have the easter plushes which I have posted before. I wouldn't say they are the best made however I would say they have one the most sweetest plush designs I have seen.

Here are my Pokemon fit plushes. They are very small but really well made I love them.

Here is my wag collection they are the main pokemon I collect though there isn't that many plushes for him anyway. I love the dittowags and the pokemon fit verson though I am not too keen on the sanei one as it seems like they were confused about the design and thought the mouth was a nose.

I have a clefairy doll that is pretty large I thought it would be small though it looks really cute with the fit plush. They both have great faces.

Here's my completely random vulpixs not much to say but they look very different from each other.

This is the hugest plush I own I don't really know much about him but I have a weak spot for how silly he looks though he takes up so much space I am not sure if I will keep him.

Here is koalachu I have no clue what he is or were he came from but I have a odd fondness for him but he really doesn't fit in with my other plushes.

These are my vintage 1:1 marill and Pikachu plush I love them so much they look so sweet. I always worry that they will go dusty or change colour because they are old but so far I think I've taken good care of them.

This is my huge vintage play by play bulbasaur. I used own all the play by play starters in the huge size however I gave them away because I needed space and charmander looked freaky. However Bulbasaur is by far the best play by play plush I have ever seen I love how chunky he is.

Thanks so much for looking though this large post lol. I was wondering does pkmncollectors have a chat or anything? It would be nice to make friends with people with similar hobbies.